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I'm no longer a Delusional Maniac on the Edge

of Her Own Reality. I'm much more sane with children!

Well, life is wonderful! I'm finally updating this, after years of letting it sit. We are going to be adding Sydney Mae and Sabrina Joy to our family this week. If they don't decide to come sooner, the twins will make their grand (induced) entrance on Thursday. So our family consists of daughter Sage (a very precocious 7 1/2), son Trey, destined to be an amazing architect or engineer (almost 6 years old), and Adam, the comic spitfire in our lives (just turned 3). I get to stay home and love and be loved by this beautiful family, and homeschool them along the way, what a joy! Life is really is wonderful!

That's the update on life here. Enjoy the quotes...

Ok, guys, here it is: Quotes: A resting place for the words of others. I finally have at least a little something under every heading. Quite a bit under some of them. If you have any quotes to add, email me with them, along with a suggestion for which heading you think they belong in. Also, if you know of a link with great quotes, let me know and I'll add it.

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