Material Types

Hardened Tool Steel Glass

Marble Granite

Mild Steel Graphite

Nylon Wood

Plastic Hard Rubber

Plexiglas Aluminum

Polyurethane Brass

Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber

Stainless Steel Ceramic

Stone Composites

Titanium Copper

And More...



What you should know

Double R Water Jet Cutting uses a mixture of water and fine garnet abrasive to cut materials ranging from aluminum to inconel and rubber to plastic. The water/abrasive mix is pressurized to 60,000 psi and passed through a cutting head at speeds up to 1000 feet per second. This pressurized stream cuts a virtually limitless variety of shapes and contours.

Because Water Jet's cut without heat, parts are produced without Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) or metallurgical changes that can occur in operations like laser and plasma cutting. This eliminates the need for costly and time consuming operations , which is especially beneficial when cutting materials like stainless steel, alloy steels, titanium, or hi-temp nickel alloys like inconel.


Advantages of Water Jet Cutting:

Quick Set-Up

Time Minimal Tooling Requirements

No Heat Affected Zone or Metallurgical Change

Small Kerf Maximizes Yield

Close, Consistent Oversize Cutting Cuts Finish Machining Time

Quality In - Quality Out

Software controls the entire Water Jet Cutting process, so achieving the desired results requires an experienced operator capable of mastering the complex programming skills. Once our highly trained operators enter the part geometry, material type, thickness, and desired quality level into the computer, the machine does the rest. The Water Jet Cutting machine even knows when to slow down on corners and when to speed up on straights.






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