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Community-Based Service Exchange Program

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Residents working together in the East Side!

The Mission of Hour Dollars:

The Mission of Hour Dollars is to strengthen our community by providing it's members the means to meet each other, share their skills and solve problems together.It is also our intention to value every member's time equally and be accessible to all interested members of our community.

How Hour Dollars works:

Hour Dollars participants provide a service such as gardening, minor home repair, piano lessons, painting, or whatever they can do. Everyone's time is valued equally. A computer database keeps track of services that members are willing to provide and need, as well as the number of hours they have earned.

Later, participants can use their earned hours to receive a service they need, like transportation, lawn mowing, or child care. The list of services varies depending on the skills, talents and abilities of the members. All services are valued equally.

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