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I gave my daughter, Danielle Marie, up for adoption after rasing her for 13 months when I was 16 yrs old. I was extremely lonely, depressed and did not have anyone to turn to. This page is my way of helping the other girls and women out there who have gone through with the pain and trauma of having relinquished a child for adoption. I, as well as some of my other compatriots, are on a crusade. And is to open adoption records. Until adoptions are open and scrutinized in the light of day, there will be many a horror story about babies being ripped from unwilling women and placed for adoption. WE MUST STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING ANY FURTHER!!! There can be no room for lies and deceit in adoptions. This page is also going to dispell the common belief that women that give their babies up for adoption do not love or care for their children. I can tell you that is false and complete garbage. But unfortunately, as a birthmother, I have heard this all to often. I have been called numerous names and denegrated for relinquishing my child. All I can say is, walk in my shoes. Know my story and tell me if you would have done something different. Below are some links of my Sisters-in-Arms. These women have incredible spirit and wonderful stories. Please show your support for them by visiting their pages and letting them know that you got their link from me.

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Please bear with me as I constantly update this page. There is a wealth of information out there....and it can be all yours at the click of a button. As I have the time, I will bring this information to you! It has also been brought to my attention that the state that I live in and in which I relinquished my daughter is extremely archaic and backwards in their laws regarding adoption records. It has now become my personal goal in life to see what I can do to change these backwards laws to expose the injustices that are commonplace in adoptions. PLease do not get me wrong, I am glad that my daughter is healthy and happy. I do not regret my decision nor will I. I did what I felt was best for her. But what is not in her best interests is to keep vitally important information like hereditary diseases that could kill her hidden because of archaic laws. Her life is more important than these stupid laws and I am going to make sure that she and any other adoptee has access to what is rightfully theirs... information on who they are and where they came from!

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