Disability Resources

Disability Resources

My name is Tina Bhaumik and I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the department of Rehabilitation and Human Services at the Sargent College of Allied Health Professions at Boston University. This school recently has become known as the Sargent College for Health and Rehabiliation Sciences. I was also an intern at the Institute for Community Inclusion at Children's Hospital where I worked with adults with disablilites to help them gain work skills and experience so that they could seek competitive employment. The purpose of my website is to help link persons with disabilities and rehabilitation professionals to a variety of resources and services. I also hope to increase the awareness and acceptance of persons' with disabilities among the general public.

Physical and Neurological Disability Services

Mental Health/Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Developmental Disability Services

Assistive Technology

Please send any comments concerning this page or any questions about disabilities in general, to Tina Bhaumik

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