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Welcome to DIABLO's homepage.This page is under construction, please excuse the mess! In order to listen to the music on this site you must have a MID player or compatible. Also, this site is quite complex, with a-lot of animation, so please allow time for it to completely load. When you are done viewing this page please sign the guest book.

I have started this site to promote a haunted house called,


We do this every year in Sun City, California. With any luck, soon we should have some pictures of the previous Halloweens' past.Through the years we have been able to collect some incredible memorabilia, like a working guillotine, a Hangman scaffold and a real coffin. Previous Halloween's we have had over 500 kids come through.We never charge admission to enter however we do require that you leave all wallets, checkbooks, watches, rings at the door, you know for your safety, just kidding. All we ask is for you to have a frightfully good time! Any questions or comments please E-mail us at the address provided below.

For some cool evil toons-

-click on a picture

We are currently working on part2 of Diablo's Nightmare, it will be called Diablo's Cavern. Click here for more information.

Here are some picture of our previous Halloweens. Warning some scenes my not be suitable for children!

The Banshee. Michael Myers victim. We're so sick, we'll use Santa. Ouch!

Another victim. Michael and his bride. Michael's widow. The crowd.

Out side the horror. View of the Graveyard. The Guillotine. 95' Crew.

Do you like what you've seen? or maybe not? need more information on where to look for similar sites?, drop me a line and tell me what you think by clicking on the E-mail, or symbol below.

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