Showa Fork Cap Wrench and Damper Stopper Tools
Used by many suspension tuners

How often do you change your fork oil? Probably not often enough. Good fresh oil will keep your forks working at top performance and last longer. If your bike has late model Showa forks you will need some special tools to make the job easier. I offer these 2 quality made tools that make working on your forks hassle free.

The wrench features 46mm (1.81 inch) and 50mm (1.97 inch) ends for Showa fork caps for late model Honda and Suzuki motocross bikes.

Precision CNC LASER cut
Made from thick 302 Stainless Steel, will not rust.
Can be used on most bikes with forks and handle bars still on the bike!
The wrench is designed to provide light torque to the fork cap to remove and install. It is very important to loosen the upper fork pinch bolts prior to removal of the caps.

The Stopper tool is made out of super thick Aluminum and is CNC punched, with a light tumble deburr. This is used to hold the damper rod away from the fork leg to allow easy removal of the bottom valve. Sold on eBay, search for: "Fork Tools"

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