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Land of Enchantment

Ecuador y las Islas Encantadas

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You may browse through these pages and see some views of Ecuador as well as hear some of its sounds..

You need a sound card to listen to the country as well as a little patience, it takes a minute or so to bring these sounds to your system ...

Ecuador is located on the west coast of South America right on the center of the globe. The equatorial line is located just a few miles from the capital city Quito.

Ecuador is a country dissected by the Andean Mountains and as such they divide the country in three ecological different zones. a) The "Oriente", where the amazon jungle is. b) The "Sierra", a broad section of the country defined by the parallel mountains of the Andes. c) The "Costa" where the Pacific meets the land.

Ecuador is also known for its famous "Islas Galapagos", well known in the world.

Please continue with your visit, you will have a glimpse of this wonderful land called Ecuador.


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