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(Oh, don't look at me like that; most people have an opening page with more multimedia than the rest of the Web put together, so let me have my 1.5 words, OK?)

Welcome to The Official PC_Freak Homepage. My PGP key and fingerprint are below. (Really it's GPG, but if you know one you probably recognize the other without me saying so.)

New GPG keys: April 2, 2004

Welcome to my homepage.

You will find a subset of the projects I am working on. (Eventually.) These range from brain-fodder to active development, but by far most of them are still in the early development states. They include:

The Entity known as PC_Freak is not new; however, It declines to state when the Entity named Itself, nor will It state when the consciousness behind It arose, except under exceptional circumstances. (The Entity is also genderless, as befitting a creature of cyberspace: in this realm, the intelligence behind the words is the only thing that really matters.)

I strive to keep my pages as platform- and browser-neutral as I can: I code my pages by hand, and the only thing non-standard is the junk GeoCities appends to the bottom.

Finally, my name is PC_Freak (note the underscore). Others have adopted the same (or similar) name; if you are looking for someone named "PC_Freak", you better find some more specific information to make sure you've got the right person: last I checked, I found almost a dozen people with the same or similar aliases, and that number is probably higher by now.

Now that that's out of the way: Welcome!

See who's visiting this page. View Page Stats You really should look at this; it's frightening how much information can be collected about you. I had consciously decided not to attempt to collect any information about my visitors, and while I knew that some information was transmitted by the browser during the page lookup--the type and version of the browser, for example--was startled by the amount of information the GeoCities servers was collecting. ("Soon" I'll try to post information about how to prevent this particular set of data from being detected.) Note: For some reason, Javascript must be on to view the page at all. (I can't explain it; I'll try to look into it "soon".)

Back in 2000/2001, I was working on a site for Palm VII/VIIx owners. Then came the dot-bomb crash, and most of the sites that used or supported the wireless Palm folded or dropped their support of it. This trend continues to this day, with Palm recently revoking their unlimited-access plan. Although an interesting idea, "web-clippings" have been superceeded by full-fledged wireless modems and pico-computers capable of running bare-bones web browsers, eliminating the need for web-clippings. Thus, there is probably little that the Palm VII can do that any of the current generation of Palms can.

In other words: There's no need for my site, since Palm VII is obsolete and few companies support it anymore.

Back in the closing days of 1999, I had an idea for an animation I wanted to do in response to all the FUD I was seeing and hearing about the Millenium Bug. I made it, and I'm a bit proud of it. The fact that I did on a timetable of nothing and with all borrowed components makes me a bit more proud of it. So here 'ya go: my animation, "Y Worry?" (Those of you who are curious can also read about how I made it.)

Two years in a row, I went on vacation and my hard-drive died. The third year it didn't, but it was a bit nerve-wracking for me waiting to see if it had lived or died in my absense. That story is only useful as a seguay to one of my favorite geek poems, "Abort, Retry, Ignore" (with all the appropriate apologies to Edgar Allen Poe).

Basically, the page you're looking at doesn't do a whole lot by itself. What it does do is to provide a doorway and bookmark into my corner of the web, wherein can be found some of the various projects I do: the (now defunct) Ring of Mediocrity, the yet-to-be-officially-named Palm-related website, and (transferring soon from a server near me) the Venus Project.

(By the way, everything you see here that isn't a GeoCities pop-up ad of some kind was written by me, and by hand. I don't like WYSIWYG editors: they're slow, they're dumb, and they produce code 8 times bigger than it needs to be. Really, if you're going to apply formatting to a page, you don't apply it to each individual line, you do it to the page.) Hey, where'd that soapbox come from?

More and more, people are finding out the benefits of distributed processing...whether it's Cosm (create-your-own distributed-processing software), SETI@home (I have mixed feelings about this one,) (as far as I'm concerned, this was the original), or the Internet Movie Project. Basically, the purpose is to take the time when you're computer's idle time to do something. (ex: even if you're ray-tracing, the computer probably isn't using all of it's millions-of-clock-cycles-per-second; some of them are being wasted. If you have WinTop, see for yourself! It gets listed under "Idle.")

I mentioned ray-tracing a moment ago...basically, it's the art of modelling a 3-D world in the computer, and simulating the interaction of light in that environment. It's very time-consuming, but if done right, gives photo-realistic results. You can see some examples at the Internet Ray-Tracing Competition. If you want to try your had at some, you can use the 100% free POV-Ray ray-tracer.

Just about all my other internet links are on a separate page...cuts down on page size and loading time that way.

Like most web pages, I, too, have a guestbook...if you want, you can scribble on it yourself, or you can read the scratchings of others.

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Got Anime? (or anything else you'd like to tell me?)

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(Actually, it's more like 100, but looking at this counter: [Counter] you'd think it was a lot more. Well, GeoCities keeps doing something that messes up all the numbers, so I've seen the counter go from 150 to 999. Anymore, I don't even know why I keep that up, aside from the hope that one day it'll go Accurate again.)

Check back soon, and you may find some, all, or none of the following:

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Revocation certificate for my old key, followed by my new key:

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This page would be compliant with the HTML standards, but GeoCities keeps adding non-standard HTML and JavaScript code (not to mention a Web Bug) to my pages...*GRUMBLE GRUMBLE*

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