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This site is under constant construction and remodeling. (Yeah, that's what they all say... it's STILL under construction) It will probably never be finished so why do I even bring it up. Don't take anything to seriously as I have been known to, shall we say, embellish?

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My Gripe of the month

Just a little note to relate important events taking place in our otherwise normally mundane lives at this juncture.

My mother is tuned in, turned on and hooked up to the internet. She has given up all the old ways and has taken to the latest in technology with a constant desire to be the best that she can be. She turned on her very first computer about 5 days ago. Since then, she has taken the computing world by storm.

An email here, an email there, pretty soon the emails are all written, the surfing is done and there is nothing to do. Hmmm-ph... You can only play so much solitare... after a while with nothing on the docket, I suppose she just got into trouble for lack of something better to do. I should have showed her the chat rooms...

In the short period of 5 days who would think that she would be asking about "pipeline cache", "cable modems" and trying to hack her way into the pentagon.

"I thought I'd start with a 'Minor' outfit to crack until my abilities are sharp, as soon as I think I'm ready (hopefully by tuesday), I'll crack the IRS" she says.

"HOLD ON THERE A MINUTE MOM, just stay away from that hacking and pheaking. That'll get you into BIG trouble"

"I know son, but there's nothing else to do in this town..."

"Mother, mother... When I said that (in my teens) it always meant I was making an excuse for some trouble I was getting into. Don't use that line on me, I know better..."

"Yeah, you're probably right. What else can I do though? HEY! Can I get one of those new 8 gig drives, another 64 megs of ram, add 2 megs to my video accelerator and a new T1 connection to the house?"

"What in the world would you do with all of that?"

"Well... ummm... I just want to, ahhh... get my email, ah... to my girls really fast?"


"Well? What do you expect? The truth is, if you expect me to stay out of trouble, I'm going to need better equiptment. I'm thinking maybe one of those 533 mhz Alpha's. Of course, I'll need to dump windows and get a real OS if you want me to be *really* happy"

"MOM! We're talking lot's of money here!"

"SO? I should be able to spend it, it's mine!"

"Yeah, its' yours. I hope you have enough to post bond because I don't think it'll be cheap when the IRS hauls you in front of a judge."

When I left, it was dark and as I looked back at the house, I could see the warm glow of an overused telephone line. I guess we *will* have to opt for the T1.

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Informational Stuff

Quality Lumber & Tool Supply

QL&T is a company. They build stuff...most of the time. Sometimes they don't, especially in the winter when they have to hunt for food. Yah, right! Like I could hunt without any equipment (old "GOM" when guns were stolen). We really do light commercial construction for the most part. At this years Chistmas party we both had the fish. :)

This is actually my real job, it pays for the fun things and the bills.

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Relatives on the Web

Here is a list of my relatives as they may appear on the web. Don't ask them about me, they won't tell you what a great guy I am.

1) Jason Opp My Nephew and the first relatic that I know of on the web.
2) David Wilson Another nephew that's smarter than me.
3) reserved for future use
- reserved for future use
- reserved for future use
9,999) reserved for future use :)

I've got this cousin named "Clay", he's got a web page but he doesn't know his address. He can't find it anymore! I think he did the same thing with his last two wives... Oh... did I say cousin? Naaah, he's not really a BLOOD relative, he's just this guy I know of...

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