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What's New?

February 08, 2003
I realize that thet last time I updated this webpage was on June 22, 2000. It's been about a year and a half now since I've made anything to this webpage. Quite frankly, I'm not sure I will ever update it again. It is very hard for me to find any time between classes to update this webpage. I apologize to this and to any person who has sent me any e-mail since. Hence, I will not recommend any person send me an e-mail as I may not even get a chance to respond. Furthermore, I do not even have a TI-83 anymore, I now have the TI-89 and have since forgotten where things were in the TI-83. If you have any questions, please go to educate.ti.com or www.ticalc.org.

June 22, 2000
I have a new web address! I now have my own domain (thanks to Namezero. My domain name nos is juans.org, so you no longer have to memorize a huge long name.

January 13, 2000
I just created a guestbook for my site. Please view and sign it at http://www.mycgiserver.com/~juan/guestbook/guestbook.cgi. I will be offering a similar guestbook (only customized by you) sometime this week. The guestbook is written in perl. In order to use it on your site you must have access to a cgi-bin. If you don't, simply get an account with My CGI Server, like I did. Look for the guestbook some time this week!

November 11, 1999
Texas Instrument has a tutorial on using the TI-82 and the TI-83. If you are interested visit http://www.ti.com/calc/docs/8283tutorial.htm. The only drawback is that you have to download the program, which is about 3620KB.

October 25, 1999
I'm adding a new section called THE WEEK'S HOT LINKS. Visit it for my pick of Hot Links for the week. I'll try to update it every monday depending on what I find. Click here for this week's hot links.

September 10, 1999
Well, it took me a while to get the new site up and running. Broken links should be fixed by now, but if you find one please let me know. I may have mised a file or two, please report any broken links. Aside from that, please enjoy your stay. Remember if you are here for TI-STAT click here or click on TI-83 on the table of contents to your left.

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