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Hi! My name is Peter Simons and you are very lucky that you found my site. I have games, music, sports, jokes and much more! Please mail me with any ideas,suggestions or comments at Thanks for Visiting! very cool people have visited my site! What took you so long! If you go to CDHS click here!!!!!!!!!!

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ESPN Sports
Playport Arcade
PC Gamer
Dejanews Search Engine
Cool Conspiracy Theories
Aaron's Page
DukeWorld (The Best!!)
Quake2 (Awesome Game!)
Josh's< Phreek's Phallout

Peter Simons Kicks! My other pages!!! Games!!! Games!!! Games!!! Download Awesome Games HERE
Duke Nukem 3D (Awesome Game!) DUKE 3D HERE

Here is the humor section I promised! Go ahead! Dance yourself silly! JOKES

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Check out Bowser! Bowser!

Michael Jordan Michael Jordan pic
Wicked Hockey Highlights! (By the way HOCKEY RULES!!!) Valeri Kamensky
Pierre Turgeon


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Come back soon!!! Also If anyone knows any good jokes send them to me please!
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