Bob Lacey's online page

(or what I do with my copious free time)

Welcome to my virtual cell! I'm kind of in a hurry, so this may not be very well organized... First I'll tell you a little about myself, and what I do. I was born in San Francisco, California in 1961. With the exception of business trips and vacations, I've spent my entire life in the San Francisco Bay area (that means I kind of know my way around here). I'm clever and witty when I'm awake and have had enough sleep. When I'm sleep-deprived, I'm cranky, and when I'm asleep, I snore loudly.

Yes, I do have a family. They're really special to me, and make my life very good. If you want to know more about them, click here.

I'm a software engineer for a living, and a game designer and writer in my dreams. These dreams manifest themselves as a large-ish collection of interlocking hobbies. These hobbies mostly involve the use of weapons, the practice of hand-to-hand unarmed combat, or the acquisition of information that many people would consider either irrelevant or useless. 
Playing Role-playing games
The Fourth Age, an unpublished game system and roleplaying setting where I do most of my writing and gaming.
Shotokan Karate
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction  - my current online addiction
Where I work! 
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